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Imagine a library built around a bar, where collectible books are free for the reading, the beer cold and atmosphere warm. Imagine the staff  made up of fine artists, musicians and writers serving  beneath the comfortable glow of Tiffany chandeliers on golden hardwood walls, where a conversation can be held without raising your voice and an attentive waitress comes free with a smile. Welcome to 'Raven Cafe' in Port Huron Michigan. Today I met the owner Sadaat, a fellow musician himself. We spoke of the Edgar Allan Poe theme of his establishment and how it came to be named after his famous  poem 'The Raven'.  The previous proprietor, a Harvard scholar had apparently decided to call it that, and so the tradition continued with Sadaat and JP's ownership. With live original music three nights a week, this place is a cool hang no matter what your age group. 

Looking through the windows at the snow piled up outside, I was surprised to find myself thinking that although I was leaving for sunny Florida in a few days, I would miss the atmosphere of this place. So comfortable that if I were the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, I  think I would reside here where I was loved, maybe even sneak around at night and pour myself a 'Beanflicker' or two. 'Welcome' needs not a mat or a sign at  Raven cafe, it's a feeling that greets you at the front door!  See my feature on ' Raven Cafe' on the Food page!

Welcome to the journey.