If you like Edgar allan poe, you'll love 'Raven Cafe'

Raven Cafe/Coffee House

932 Military street

Port Huron, MI


ph 810 984 4330

Signature Dish

' House Of Usher' Turkey Deluxe

turkey breast, bacon, Swiss cheese, leaf lettuce, tomato, red onion, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise on rustic country bread. $9.49

Specialty Drinks

I was amazed at the selection of coffees, capuccinos, teas, smoothies and  the amazing espresso bar, but what really got me going was the state of the art beer draft system. Creamy drafts, hoppy ales, summer wheats and golden lagers all were tempting and I finally settled on  what has become my personal craft beer of choice... the mighty 'Beanflicker'. For those of you unfortunates who do not care for the taste of Beer, there is a large Wine  and cocktail selection


If you love eating healthy  and then rewarding yourself with a dessert to die for,  you just found heaven! Menu items include a wonderful assortment  of culinary treasures. Traditional wraps, deli style sandwiches, meal sized salads, soups and chili make it hard to decide what to order first and you'll find yourself contemplating a return visit just to try something new. My choice of grilled pita bread  and hummus had such a large portion of hummus, I had to order more pita just to finish it up.  There is no reason to ever leave this place hungry! 

Entertainment & Ambience

The most unique stage I have ever seen is located in this intimate historic venue. Performers climb up a ladder through a trap door to an elevated balcony stage overlooking the restaurant. The sound was great the night I was there, just loud enough to hear every word and yet not so loud as to be annoying.  Award winning singer/songwriter Julianne Ankley's  performance of original heartfelt songs made for an awesome listening experience.

Meet The Peeps

Owned by long time Port Huron residents, Sadaat and JP Hossain along with their two little ones. 

South African outdoor cooking

Grilled Crayfish (Fl Lobster)

Nothing better than grilled crayfish. Quick and easy, just add lemon and butter. Thanks to my friend Hannes Britz, an avid outdoors man living in South Africa, for allowing me to share these  6 photo's of his cooking. I was just in South Africa, the food is outstanding!

Spicy Chicken Skillet

Cooked in a cast iron skillet  over the coals. This tasty dish goes well with a few Cold beers or a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Slow grilled ribs

The easiest way to cook ribs in the bush. Slow grilled over a bed of coals, there's nothing quite like it!

T bone

They say the meat is sweetest closest to the bone. What can I say, the picture say's it all!

Neck of lamb

Neck of lamb, fall off the bone tender and full of flavor.

Traditional Boerewors

Boerewors, a South African traditional sausage over pap ( a stiffened porridge) and gravy. This is a staple and there is a good reason why!